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Student Award Terms & Conditions - 2021

Last Updated: 29-04-21

Terms and Conditions
Head On Student Award 2021

This is an Agreement between a person submitting work to the Head On Student Award (Applicant) and Head On Foundation Ltd (ABN 46 127 619 149) (Head On). All Applicants agree to the following Terms and Conditions: 

1. Introduction

  1. The Head On Photo Awards are competitive photographic prizes across Portrait, Landscape and Student categories 
  2. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Head On Student Award; Terms and Conditions for the Head On Portrait and Landscape Awards are available separately 
  3. The Head On Student Award is open to year K-12  students enrolled in an Australian school  
  4. Students may also enter the Portrait and Landscape categories 
  5. Head On will award prizes for three images per category 
  6. A parent or guardian must apply on behalf of the Applicant unless the Applicant is over 18 
  7. Teachers who have permission from the parent or guardian may apply on behalf of the Applicant 
  8. Copyright in the images remains the property of the image creator/photographer 
  9. The parent or guardian of the Applicant consent to Head On reproducing the Applicant’s image(s) at no charge in all publicity and promotion of the exhibition and Head On Photo Festival inclusive of all electronic or print media at the discretion of the organisers, to be included in the exhibition catalogue(s) and to be posted on Head On website. Head On will use its best endeavour to maintain the integrity of the work and credit the photographer whenever their work is used 
  10. A parent or guardian of the Applicant acknowledges and agrees that as part of the application process, he/she and the Applicant will provide personal information (such as names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses) 
  11. Personal information collected in the process of submission will be used by Head On to contact applicants and will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 
  12. Head On will add the Applicant’s email address or the email address of whoever submits on their behalf to its e-newsletter database in order to maintain contact with the Applicants. An Applicant may opt-out of receiving the e-newsletter at any time 
  13. Applicant should check all email folders (such as inbox, junk, clutter etc.) to ensure they receive and read emails from Head On 
  14. The parent or guardian agrees to indemnify Head On Foundation Ltd and Head On Photo Festival for any possible loss or legal action against it in relation to image(s) submitted by them 
  15. By entering the Head On Student Award, a category of the Head On Photo Awards, the parent or guardian confirms that the Applicant is the creator and owner of the work, that the Applicant has the permission of the subject or, where appropriate the subject's parent or guardian, that the work does not infringe copyright, the image was not taken in circumstances of trespass or invading anyone's legal right of privacy, breach of industrial law or applicable industry code and does not to the best of their knowledge defame anyone nor was their conduct in taking the image likely to be misleading or deceptive and that they agree with these Terms & Conditions 
  16. All terms and conditions may be updated at Head On’s discretion 
  17. Head On is entitled to exclude or remove from Head On Photo Festival 2021 any images by an Applicant who has submitted false information or who does not comply with all terms and conditions set out by Head On 

2. Applications

  1. Applicants may enter an unlimited number of images  
  2. Images must be produced by a photographic device that captures images (phone and experimental processes welcome), in colour and/or black & white. You may enhance the image and apply filters 
  3. There is no time restriction on when an image was made 
  4. Entry fees 
    1. AUD$1 per image
    2. Payment (in Australian dollars) can be made online via Head On’s secure payment gateway, or teachers can request to pay for 10 or more entries via an alternate process
    3. Please retain/print a copy of the receipt as no other tax invoice will be issued. Note: membership discount is applied at the end of the checkout process
    4. Entry fees are non-refundable. Any entry not accompanied by payment will not be eligible for the competition and/or exhibition 
  5. Images can only be entered online via Head On Photo Festival website and must comply with the following: 
    1. Taken using a device that captures an image 
    2. Resized to 2400 pixels on the longest side (72dpi) 
    3. Saved in the native colour space of the device (there is no need to convert to a specific colour space) 
    4. Saved in jpg format compression 8 (or 70% quality) 
    5. Image title must be added during the submission process 
    6. Accompanied by a short description – optional (up to 100 words) added during the submission process 
  6. Deadline for submission 31 May 2021 11PM (AEDT, Australia time) 
  7. All images entered will be available to the category judges for consideration, however the artist's name will be removed so the selection of images is made based on the power of the photograph rather than the celebrity of the subject or photographer 
  8. The category judges and Head On Photo Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM will select 20 images for printed exhibitions and the creators of these works are the Finalists 
  9. At Head On’s discretion non-finalists may be included in a slideshow to be screened electronically 
  10. Head On reserves the right to substitute judges 
  11. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into 
  12. Successful Applicants will be advised by phone and/or email in June 2021 that they have been selected as Finalists. If Head On has not received a response to any email or phone message within 5 days of first notification (Australia time), an alternative Finalist may be selected 
  13. We will notify unsuccessful Applicants by email 

3. Finalists and exhibitions

  1. Finalists will be advised by phone and/or email in June 2021 
  2. If Head On has not received a response to any email or phone message within 5 days of notification (AEDT), an alternative Finalist may be selected 
  3. Finalists are responsible for providing Head On with current/updated information to Head On such as names and contact details of artist/s 
  4. Confirmation of Finalists is dependent on the quality of the high-resolution file. Finalists will be required to upload a high-resolution file and final text as specified below to the Head On web-server in June 2021 (exact date TBC). Failure to do so may result in forfeiting the Finalist’s inclusion in the exhibition 
  5. Specifications for uploading the high-resolution file; the image should be: 
    1. The largest original size. Do NOT upsize through Photoshop or other software 
    2. WITHOUT borders (e.g. no surrounding black or white) 
    3. In Adobe RGB 1998 colour space 
    4. Saved in 8 bit (not 16 bit) 
    5. Saved as JPG compression level 12 
    6. Named with your First_Name_Surname_Catagory_ImageTitle.jpg (e.g. John_Smith_Portrait_MonaLisa.jpg) 
  6. The image should be uploaded as follows: 
    1. Uploaded using with the provided email address in the ‘To’ field 
    2. Have your First Name, Last Name and Category in the ‘Subject’ field 
    3. Put the image title in the ‘Enter Message’ field (and any other info you wish to include 
  7. Finalists will provide the images and information according to the timeline set out in Appendix A 

4. Exhibiting

  1. The selection of Finalists’ images will be exhibited in print at a key venue and online during Head On Photo Festival 2021 and may tour Australia and internationally at no extra cost to Finalists 
  2. Head On will cover all production and promotion costs: printing, mounting/framing, slide-show/s, venue costs and publicity (Finalists are not required to supply prints) and Head On Photo Festival Creative Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM will lead the curation 
  3. Head On manages all printing and production  
  4. If due to unforeseen circumstances, Head On Photo Festival 2021 does not take place as scheduled, alternative measures for the Head On Photo Awards exhibitions may be arranged 
  5. Head On will retain Finalists’ prints for a period of 5 years and may exhibit these prints in retrospective shows during that time. At the end of this period, if the Creator has not contacted Head On, the prints (other than the prints of the winning images) will be destroyed 
  6. The exhibition prints of the winning images will be retained by Head On Foundation in perpetuity and added to the ‘Head On Collection’  
  7. Finalists’ exhibited work can be made available for sale during and post-festival – artists will receive proceeds, and Head On will receive a commission under terms to be negotiated with the finalists 
  8. Head On will endeavour to notify artists whenever their work has been selected for exhibitions post-festival 
  9. Head On will exercise all reasonable care with the works submitted but will not be responsible for any loss or damage while in its custody or in transit or being transferred or reproduced by any means, including digital copying and online transmission 
  10. Head On will notify the Creator of any potential commercial opportunity such as sales 

5. Prize-winning images

  1. The allocation of prizes will be as determined by the judges, and no correspondence will be entered into 
  2. Head On will award prizes for three images 
  3. Winners across all categories will share a prize pool worth more than $70,000 - a complete list of awards can be found on 
  4. The allocation of prizes will be as determined by the judges and no correspondence will be entered into 
  5. Winners will be announced in Sydney on 5 November 2021 at the Launch of Head On Photo Festival 2021 and will be notified as soon as possible after the announcement 
  6. The prize-winners, parents or guardians of the prize-winners are responsible for providing an invoice with bank account details (if applicable) and a mailing address so that Head On can make payment (if applicable) and send the prize(s) to them. Failing to do so within three months of receiving a request from Head On, the winner’s entitlement to the prize(s) will be forfeited 
  7. Head On will cover the administrative costs of preparing the prizes for distribution to the winners 
  8. Winners will cover the costs of distributing their prizes, including shipping, insurance, applicable taxes (e.g. import duties) and any related bank fees  

6. Promotion

  1. Head On promotes all the Head On Photo Awards exhibitions through various channels (see Appendix B) at no extra cost to Finalists 
  2. Finalists agree that their images may be reproduced in any marketing and promotion of their work and of Head On, Head On Photo Festival and be included in the Festival’s printed program, exhibition catalogue(s), limited edition postcards and on the Head On website. Such use may be in any media whatsoever 
  3. Head On will use its best endeavours to credit the photographer whenever their image is used. Head On will endeavour not to crop images whenever these images are used 
  4. Finalists will not be announced before the opening of the exhibition 
  5. Finalists must not promote the image selected for the Head On Photo Awards before the opening of the Head On Photo Awards exhibitions 
  6. Finalists may, however, promote themselves as being finalists when Head On confirms their inclusion 
  7. Publicity generated by the Finalists, including media releases, must be coordinated with Head On 

7. Disputes

  1. In the event of any dispute arising between Head On and the exhibitor, the parties will endeavour to resolves these through negotiation, mediation, independent expert appraisal or any other alternative dispute resolution technique  
  2. If the dispute is not resolved by such agreement within fourteen (14) days of written notice by one party to the other of the dispute, either party may refer the dispute to arbitration 
  3. Any expenses associated with the arbitration will be shared equally by both parties  


Appendix A




June 2021 

Deadline to enter the Head On Photo Awards 2021 

June 2021 

Head On notifies Applicants selected as finalists 

Phone and/or email; Finalists must respond within 5 days of Head On’s notification 

June 2021** 

Prepare your high-resolution image 

The image should be: 

  • The largest original size. Do NOT upsize through Photoshop or any other software. 

  • WITHOUT borders (e.g. no surrounding black or white) 

  • In Adobe RGB 1998 colour space 

  • Saved in 8 bit (not 16 bit) 

  • Saved as JPG compression level 12 

  • Named with your First_Name_Surname_Catagory_ImageTitle.jpg (e.g. John_Smith_Portrait_MonaLisa.jpg) 

June 2021 

Please send your high-resolution image 

  • Use in the ‘To’ field 

  • Have your First Name, Last Name and Category in the ‘Subject’ field 

  • Put the image title in the ‘Enter Message’ field (and any other info you wish to include 

Fri 5 November 2021 

Launch of Head On Photo Festival and announcement of winners of the Head On Photo Awards 


Sat 6 November 2021 

Featured exhibitions and events of Head On Photo Festival 2021 commence 


Sun 14 November 2021 

Head On Photo Festival 2021 closes 


*The timeline may be updated at Head On’s discretion

**Head On may request high-resolution images and/or more images for marketing purposes

Appendix B
Benefits for finalists

Head On Foundation (est. 2008) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting photographers' work at all career stages. We encourage excellence and innovation, make photography accessible to all, and raise awareness of important issues through the medium. The Foundation's main activities are Head On Photo Festival and Head On Awards (Portrait, Landscape, and Student photographic prizes) and an annual program of collaborative projects. Head On Foundation is a bridge between Australian and international photography markets. The festival has toured in the US, China, India, Europe, and New Zealand, introducing the global arts community to the wealth of photographic talent Australia possesses.

Benefits to Head On Photo Awards finalists (at no extra cost to finalists)

  • - Exhibition images are published in the Head On Photo Awards catalogue
  • - Inclusion in the Head On Photo Festival 2021 program
  • - Helpdesk and general administration
  • - Promotion of the Head On Photo Awards exhibitions (including  design, production and implementation) via
  • - Promotion (including  design, production and implementation) via:
    • --  Head On Photo Festival EDM’s
    • --  Head On Photo Festival social media
    • --  Head On Photo Festival website
    • --  PR agency contracted by Head On Photo Festival
    • --  On-line program/calendar/blog
    • --  On-line image gallery (post-festival)
  • - Other services
    • --  Liaising with the PR agency contracted by Head On
    • --  Exhibition management and administration
    • --  Curatorial services led by Head On Photo Festival Creative Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM
    • --  Pre-production work such as preparing files for printing, liaising with printers
    • --  Exhibition design and infrastructure
    • --  Installation, de-installation, storage of prints
    • --  Management of any sales
  • - Head On looks for further exhibition opportunities post-festival and manages all production requirements