Artist talk - Ari Rex

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Artist Talk - Ari Rex

Date: 16 May 2020
11am Sydney/ 2am London/ 9pm May 15 New York
Locations: Online
Cost: Free, donations welcome

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Ari Rex’s “Interstellar” features his remarkable astrophotography highlighting his passion for nature and the night sky. Each time Ari plans out a shoot, he aims to push the evocative power of his work a little further. He investigates the dynamics of the landscape, including the precise alignment of the night sky and its objects, whilst factoring the effects and limitations of various weather elements. His images establish a link between the reality of the universe and that imagined by its conceiver.
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Available after 1 May 2020
Ari Rex is an award-winning photographer based in Canberra. He has received both international and national recognition. Ari’s interest in photography started when he was a little boy. His father had an old Russian camera and Ari was fascinated by it, since then his passion for photography kept growing and expanding. Ari is driven by perfection. His broad technical knowledge has allowed him to work in many fields of photography. For Ari, there is nothing as magical as when the camera captures the full splendour of the Milky Way arching over the horizon. It is a skill that he loves to share through specialist courses for those keen to perfect their own experience of capturing the stars. Ari holds an Advanced Diploma of Photography

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May 16th, 2020 11:00 AM through 11:30 AM
Online broadcast
Sydney, NSW
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