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The Beautiful City

Jack Davies

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Exhibition Dates:

08 May 2019 to 18 May 2019

Exhibition Description

This series was taken in Moscow and looks at how the missable details of a city can form accidental and surprising harmonies. Cities have become our natural habitats. Is it ever possible for them to outshine the landscapes they have replaced? Cities can be beautiful, representing the grandeur of our human hopes and achievements. Yet the streets we move through are more mundane; they serve our purposes and their aesthetic value is filtered out of view. These photos explore the idea of beauty in a city being found outside the main squares and avenues, emerging amongst the random layers that accrue over time and flash before us in a never-ending parade. A city's identity is made up of its details: the tones and textures of its surfaces. It is possible for these compositions to form visual treats that highlight how the city is put together and offer us a fresh perspective on what is simply there.

Artist Bio

Jack was born in rural England and explores the look and feel of urban environments. He has lived and worked in numerous countries, including Oman, Australia, Japan and Russia. He is interested in visual and cultural contrasts between places, and also how a city's identity can be revealed through its everyday details. He is always searching for some meaningful crossover between street, travel and fine art photography.

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08 May 2019 to 18 May 2019

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Wednesday - Friday:
11:00 am-5:00 pm
11:00 am-3:00 pm