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Comfortably Wild


Nikolaos Menoudarakos

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“I have been shooting the drag queen scene of Athens for the last four years. “Comfortably Wild” is an ongoing project about an existing, real-world that is unknown to many of us. 

An (r)evolution of the queer scene and society from 2016 until today, a 'miracle' between raw reality and fantasy. 

This project is about people who live on the limits of reality, protagonists whose unusual beauty was captured alive and shining.” 


Artist Bio

Born in Athens in 1980. In everyday life, Nikolaos focused on Sports Marketing & Media Production in selected sports events in Greece and Europe. He started photography in 2014 at Orama Photography Studies and has participated in exhibitions and featured in several publications in Greece. He is a contributor in 'Athens Voice' free press and ''. In 2017, won 1st prize in 'Public Moments Awards in Greece' in the category of Sports series.  

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06 November 2020 to 06 December 2020

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