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Jon Lewis

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“The images presented here have been gathered in certain meanderings through the Southern Highlands and adjacent ranges. They are an attempt to ‘suss’ the bush, not as ‘operatic’ or majestic, but more the details of larger parts. Much is inspired by the mythology of Garangatch and Mirrigan, the two local indigenous ancestors, whose great chase brought the countryside into existence through their ferocious battle.
I feel comfortable in the bush. I talk to animals and trees and rocks … the photographs you see here are their reply.”
- Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis has been exhibiting photographs since 1974. He was a member of Sydney's "Yellow House" in the early 70's and during that era made the experimental video "Bush Video". Since then he has forged a career in image-making and is regarded as one of Australia’s most highly respected photographers.
“Lewis does not resort to textual qualifications as an explanatory aid. He just gets out there and makes lucid photography according to the promptings of his inner self. Good luck to him.”
- Max Dupain, 1985

Head On Photo Festival Artist Talk
Jon Lewis will conduct a floor talk discussing the work and his inspiration from local mythologies.
SAT 12 MAY 2012 2 TO 4PM

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08 May 2012 to 26 May 2012

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