Ephemeral Sydney

Ephemeral Sydney

Michael Rolph

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Exhibition Description

When Sydney photographer Michael Rolph is off duty from shooting landscapes, he takes to the city’s streets, creating monochromatic artwork with a mobile phone.

Michael’s daily excursions are constantly distracted by a habitual observation of the city’s dancing, ephemeral light as it produces ever changing reflections, shadows and silhouettes; bringing to life otherwise unnoticed shapes, patterns, textures and characters as they play their impromptu parts on Sydney’s stage.

In his first exhibition of this genre Michael presents a collection of cinematic street images making use of multidirectional natural light, dark shadows and anonymous, often distant figures; oblivious to the way their daily routines are dramatically illuminated and framed by their surroundings.

The images in the collection are enigmatic; often asking more questions than they can answer, and using just enough light to set the scene. The ever-present dark shadows then invite the viewer’s anticipation and imagination into the city’s beguiling streetscape.

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Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday: 4:00 pm-11:00 pm

-33.884881, 151.19625