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Gaffa Gallery, Vacancy


Cybele Malinowski

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Exhibition Description

VACANCY, conceived and created by photographer Cybele Malinowski, presents an evocative series of portraits of those flea-bitten motel rooms, neon saturated dives and kitsch roadside relics that stand testament to a fleeting mode of life.

This solo show offers a nostalgic homage to the 20th Century life vanishing before our eyes, featuring a collection of snapshots from travels on the lost highways of the USA and Australia including Lynchian scenes of dreamy outer-suburban abandonment.

Amongst the imagery of ruffled sheets is a suggestion of sexually charged fleeting encounters, while the enveloping fabric of surreal architectural monuments shrouds a frayed and de-homogenised world.

Cybele will also be installing a recreated motel room within the GAFFA gallery space, and on the opening night, it will feature a lone traveler mechanically dressing and undressing, bathed in the dim light of a motel TV.

Unable to enter the room, the wine & cheese gallery goer takes the roll of voyeur as they peer through the windows and gaze on the lonesome scene.

Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

03 May 2012 to 14 May 2012

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