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Head On Landscape Award


40 finalists & 100 semi-finalists

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The Head On Landscape Award showcases new perspectives on landscape photography. Each year, three winners are selected for this prestigious prize. Since 2013, Head On Photo Festival has exhibited preeminent landscape photographers who question and challenge how we engage with the world around us. From dystopic cityscapes to romantic vistas of the natural world, these photographs meditate on how different cultures celebrate, alter, and restore contemporary landscapes.

Finalists: Adrian Portugal, Anastasia Dubrava, Andrea Sabatini, Andrew Davoll, Annette Widitz, Ayaka Okuma, Bart Vos, Brandon Yoshizawa, Bruce Haswell, Chris Byrnes, Domenic Murabito, Eduardo Martinez, Frantisek Toth, Graham Monro, Greg Bilton, Jake Nowakowski, Johnny Shwartz, Jonah Ritchie, Klaus Lenzen, Kristyna Erbenova,  Les Sharp, Marcia Macmillan, Mark Anthony Portugal Agtay, Mark Brierley, Mat Beetson, Max Mason-Hubers, Nick Board, Nick Moir, Noni Carroll, Paul Carruthers, Peter Rossi, Phil Duval, Sally McInerney, Sam Ferris, Simon Harsent, Skye Auer, Susan Papazian, Todd Kennedy, Tony Kenny, Wayne Quilliam

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02 May 2020 to 17 May 2020

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10:00 am-4:00 pm
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10:00 am-6:00 pm