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A L T E R E D - S T A T E S

Geoffrey Goddard

ARO Gallery

Exhibition Dates:

03 May 2017 - 14 May 2017

Exhibition Description

Altered States combines two contrasting bodies of work from a 2015 trip to America. The first ’Deserted’ is a series of images depicting the empty and abandoned landscape of the Californian desert. The second, ‘Down on the Street’ is a series of street photography from New York. 



Driving along the empty highways of the the Mojave desert, the contrast between the harsh natural landscape and that of human habitation within that landscape is ever present. Between small towns struggling to survive, deserted gas stations and motels dotted along the way, I discovered a cluster of abandoned buildings. Some had been trashed, others bordered up and just left, a couple even had somewhat hopeful, ‘FOR SALE’ signs on them. Some of them were tiny, not much bigger than a garden shed, sitting isolated against a backdrop of desert mountains. Standing there photographing each one in the solitude of the hot desert air, I was left wondering who had been living here? What purpose or industry had they been pursuing and why had they eventually decided to depart? Leaving these monuments of human endeavour to slowly be reclaimed back into the natural landscape.


D O W N   O N   T H E   S T R E E T 

Immersing myself in the daily crowds of morning commuters, lunchtime shoppers and crowds of tourists, I walked through New York shooting predominately off the hip, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. This allowed for the capture of candid, unscripted moments, micro samples of the multitude of tiny interactions happening continuously on the streets. Each image revealing it’s own random story, a fleeting moment in time, frozen amongst the constantly moving backdrop of the city. 



Exhibition Space

Dates and Times

03 May 2017 - 14 May 2017

Open Hours

Opening Hours: 
Wednesday - Sunday: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm

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