Loud and Luminous

Loud and Luminous

100 Australian women photographers


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The Loud and Luminous mission is to recognise and celebrate the contribution of contemporary women in the photographic arts in Australia. We believe this project is unique and important in identifying the extensive cultural contribution women photo-based artists and photographers have made in this country. This project is designed to empower the girls and women of today and tomorrow to chase in their dreams. This is a timely project and one that hopes will help educate and inspire many women of all ages.

Free artist talk:

When: 2.15pm Saturday 4 May
Where: Festival Hub, Paddington Town Hall


Organisers: Hilary Wardhaugh & Melissa Anderson
Participants: Adrienne Myszka (nee Gilligan), Alison Munsie, Amanda Summons, Anne McCallum, Annette Ruzicka, Belinda Pratten, Bernadette Keys, Beth Jennings, Cathy Laudenbach, Cecilia Baker, Claire Williams, Danielle Minett, Denise Ferris, Edwina Richards, Ela Phan, Elaine Batton, Elise Searson, Ella Dreyfus, Elli Bardas, Ellie Young, Fabiana Canepa, Fiona Morris, Fiona Wolf, Frances Suter , Geraldine Lefoe, Heide Smith, Helga Leunig, Hilary Wardhaugh, Holly Treadaway, Ilana Rose, Isaebella Doherty, Isobel Markus-Dunworth, Jacinta Giles, Jacqui Dean, Janie Barrett, Jasmine Carey, Jean Claire Martin, Jessie DiBlasi, Jocelyn Reid, Jodi Woodward, Judith Crispin, Judy Hudson, Julia Coddington, Julie Sundberg, Julie Owen-Ewing, Juno Gemes, Katrina Garvey, Kelly Barker , Kerry Martin, Kerry Faulkner, Kim Tonelli, Krystle Wright , Kylie Kuszczynski, Kylie Kluger, Kylie Foley, Kym Smith, Leonie Keogh, Lesley Downie, Lib Ferreira, Lilli Waters, Lindi Heap, Lisa Hogben, Lori Cicchini, Louise Kennerley, Lucie McGough , Madeline Bishop, Marika Fitton, Marina McDonald, Martine Perret, Marzena Wasikowska, Megan Rizzo, Melissa Anderson, Merinda Campbell, Naomi Reiter, Natalie Grono, Paula Broom , Penelope Hunt, Penny Ryan, Phoebe Veldhuizen, Pia Johnson, Relz Carter, Rhiannon Hopley, Robyn Campbell, Ruby Spowart, Sarah Malone, Suellen Cook, Susan Henderson, Susan Belperio, Suzanne Phoenix, Tamara Whyte, Tammy Boyce, The Verge Collective, Thea McGrath, Tricia King, Vicki Bell, Vicky Cooper, Victoria Reid, Ying Ang, Zaharoula Harris, Zorica Purlija.

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Monday - Sunday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

-33.885219, 151.225818