Secret Haunt | Head On Photo Festival

Secret Haunt

Sharon Aldrick

Secret Haunt is an artistic response to Sharon Aldrick’s journey through Spain and her connection to the Central Coast. The series portrays a salutary sense of peace with the purity of youth and expression of another world calling. Sensual, mysterious and intriguing lone identities float in landscapes of contemplation, referencing the archetypes and spiritual symbolism of Spain. Aldrick plunges the viewer into a subconscious world, presenting haunting images of weightless figures in sacred places framed against ancient places of worship and villages found along the Camino trail. The landscapes and doll-like figures are a synthesis of Aldrick’s physical and symbolic inner sanctum and represent places of buried emotion and connection to place, surrender and transcendence.

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Dates of Exhibition: 
05 May - 28 May