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Quiet, epic, restrained, powerful. These are the images that tell their stories quietly and succinctly, but create maximum impact. They can be captured anywhere - from moments in a daily life to split-seconds in sport, from landscapes to red carpets to art-like conceptual work. On a surface level, the photos are direct and uncomplicated. But they engage our emotions and spirit with a clear message, like a visual haiku. You get hooked and the story unfolds.

As an overstimulated society, we instinctively welcome the calmness. It's a visual respite that deliberately creates a contrast to the increasing digital noise in our lives. Stillness captured, call it the edited version, but it makes us take notice, focus and think.

Getty Images' Silence vs Noise presents a curated collection of its creative and editorial photography from Australia and from around the world. Getty Images photographers included are - Quinn Rooney, Patryce Bak, Flashfilm, Joe Baran, Mike Korostelev, Catherine Ledner, Scott Barbour, Ryan Pierse, Christopher Polk, David Ramos, Francois Durand, Ed Freeman, John Ross, and Peechaya Burroughs.

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30 April 2016 to 08 May 2016

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10:00 am-6:00 pm

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