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“Supernatura” tells the story - sometimes in an imaginary way - of the difficult relationship between human beings and nature: we were too violent and slowly this relationship has been destroyed. We are losing real contact with nature, and it will now take back its place, entering our lives and our houses.

But revenge is often full of beauty: nature is fascinating both in its magnificence and its whispered charm. We know that it will survive – but will we?

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Annamaria Belloni was born in Genoa but lives and works in Piacenza (Italy), where she manages a photo studio. After completing university and living in Germany, she started working as a photographer, focusing on portraits, landscape and contemporary human conditions. She has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad (recently in Hamburg, Berlin and Innsbruck) and in many international Festivals (Braga- Portugal, Boutographie-Montpellier, Fotonoviembre-Tenerife etc.). She was art director of five editions of the photo festival Fotosintesi ( Annamaria works as a curator and photography teacher. 

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