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Valery Klamm

Birthmark on the Map is a community of citizen journalists - or, more precisely put, citizen photo-journalists - who document life in provincial Russia. It is run by Novosibirsk based photographer Valeriy Klamm.

The result of a local project, the portal provides a window into the small cities and smaller villages that have largely been forgotten by Moscow. Birthmark (Rodinki) is a play on words and can mean both “birthmark” and “little home.” (The BOBs – Deutsche Welle Blog Awards, 2011) Community blog launched in late 2009 as local photoproject documenting daily life of Novosibirsk Region (Western Siberia) now presenting works more 40 authors with stories from the whole Russia.

Curated by Valeriy Klamm and Moshe Rosenzveig

Dates of Exhibition: 
07 May - 03 Jun

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