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Hub 2019: Paddington Town Hall

Festival Hub Paddington will be buzzing 4-19 May with exhibitions, artist talks, panel discussions, workshops, and screenings. 12 exciting exhibitions of different genres by artists at all different career stages.

Featuring local and international artists including Camillo PasquarelliMasayoshi SukitaAlec Von BargenElena Kollatou and Leonidas ToumpanosGiljung YoonSoraya ZamanRoni Ben AriJörgen AxelvallTami XiangSina Niemeyer, and Jenny Rova.

Group exhibitions include the Head On Portrait Prize, Head On Mobile Prize and Loud and Luminous.

Group screening Eric Weeks & Joshua Reiman, Ida Sophia, Mathias Lovegreen, Auckland Festival of Photography, Pingyao International Photography Festival, LensCulture, PHOTO IS:REAL, PHOTOUX.


Dates: 4-19 May 2019
Open Hours: 10am-6pm

Location: Paddington Town Hall
249 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021
Buses routes: 333, 380, 438, 440, M40

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Exhibiting photographer(s): 30 Finalists
As the world becomes more saturated with imagery, artists are compelled to reconsider the nature of the photographic medium.
Exhibiting photographer(s): 100 Australian women photographers
The Loud and Luminous mission is to recognise and celebrate the contribution of contemporary women in the photographic arts in Australia.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Alec Von Bargen
For eighteen months, Alec Von Bargen travelled to twenty-three Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) missions in ten countries, documenting life amidst unfolding global conflicts.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Masayoshi Sukita
A mini-retrospective of the work of Masayoshi Sukita, a Japanese master photographer including some iconic images of David Bowie.
Exhibiting photographer(s): 40 Finalists
The Head On Portrait Prize recognizes artists that demonstrate innovative approaches to photographic portraiture.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Camillo Pasquarelli
The valley of Kashmir, a territory disputed by India and Pakistan since 1947, is one of the most militarised zones in the world.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Sina Niemeyer
"You taught me how to be a butterfly only so you could break my wings." "Für mich. / A Way Of Reconciliation" is an autobiographic story of childhood sexual abuse.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Elena Kollatou and Leonidas Toumpanos
The northernmost part of our planet, everything that is above 66°33′47.6″ is called the Arctic.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Giljung Yoon
After engaging with individuals within the disabled community for fifteen years, I began documenting their daily lives.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Soraya Zaman
'American Boys' is a bold and intuitive representation of the United States’ trans-masculine communities.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Jörgen Axelvall
Kärlek is an old Swedish word meaning love. When written Kärlek it can be read as love/play.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Roni Ben Ari
These pictures are the result of a 2-year photography project and book documenting sex workers in many countries, including Israel, India, the Netherlands, and Russia.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Tami Xiang
This body of work addresses the unique voice of contemporary socially engaged Chinese art through a specific case study on the "Left Behind Children".
Exhibiting photographer(s): Jenny Rova
I intended to make a self-portrait made by previous romantic partners. I asked my ex-boyfriends and lovers to provide me with every photograph they took of me during our relationship.
Exhibiting photographer(s): 40 finalists & 150 semi-finalists
The Head On Portrait Award recognizes artists that demonstrate innovative approaches to photographic portraiture.
Exhibiting photographer(s): 40 finalists & 100 semi-finalists
The Head On Landscape Award showcases new perspectives on landscape photography. Each year, three winners are selected for this prestigious prize.
Exhibiting photographer(s):
Indigenous (In)Justice: Confronting Deaths in Custody
Exhibiting photographer(s): Australian Photojournalists
A celebration of the best of Australian photojournalism, the Paper Tigers exhibition features sixty images from sixty of the best Australian photojournalists.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Fabio Burrelli
For the past three years, I've been documenting the effects of mental illness on the people and communities in Benin, West Africa.
Exhibiting photographer(s): Brian Cassey
The #MeToo movement has exploded around the planet in the aftermath of many sexual assault accusations against many prominent men.